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Tired of always being tired? It’s Time to Fight Fatigue

Tired of always being tired? It’s Time to Fight Fatigue

Are you tired of feeling tired? It’s quite normal to feel worn out after an exhausting week at work, however if you’re always lethargic, your lifestyle could do with some healthy changes. Try these simple tips to fight fatigue and reclaim your energy.

  1. Take a hot-then-cold Shower

Ending your hot showers with an ice-cold blast of water can perk you up instantly. Research shows that alternating between warm and cold water during a shower can help you feel less tired and even boost post-exercise recovery. So, hit the shower and perk up with LUX Wake Me Up, which has invigorating citrus top notes.

  1. Get Moving!

It may not seem appealing to exercise when you’re tired and seems easier to just slump down on the sofa. But you don’t have to do a lot – an easy post-dinner walk or light spinning on the exercise bike can do wonders for your low energy levels.

A study found that low-intensity exercise can boost energy by 20 per cent and reduce fatigue by more than half. Exercise is a way for people to feel more energetic and there are obvious advantages to it, compared to things like caffeine or energy drinks.

  1. Watch Cat Videos

You don’t have to feel bad for spending your precious minutes on cat videos. Recent research found that people feel more energetic and positive after watching cat-related online media than before. So, you can stop incessant yawning by clicking on cute kitty videos on Facebook or YouTube and – we’re pretty sure adorable puppy videos might work just as well (if you’re not a kitty person).

  1. Enjoy a 10-minute Siesta

If you’ve been up late nights and lacking sleep, a short afternoon nap can make all the difference. A short ‘siesta’ can boost your alertness and even improve the quality of your sleep at night.

Scientists have observed the effects of naps lasting from five to 30 minutes, and concluded that a “10-minute nap was overall the most effective afternoon nap duration”. Those who took a 10-minute nap felt more vigour and saw improvements in their cognitive brain performance.

  1. Drink Water Regularly

About 60 per cent of our bodies are made up of water, so it makes sense that we should stay hydrated to perform at our best. However, many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water, especially when we’re busy.

Studies show that dehydration by 1.5 per cent of your body weight can affect your mood, energy level and ability to think clearly. Remind yourself to take water breaks by setting alarms on your phone. If you’ve been sitting at your desk for long hours, take the opportunity to stretch your legs, quench your thirst and up your energy!