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The little colourful dress

The little colourful dress

There is such excitement and nerves when getting ready for a big date.  Painting nails, styling hair and picking out the best dress and heels.

We’re sharing secrets from women around the world on their date night preparation.  See how they get ready.

Li Ming, marketing executive, Shanghai, China:

“For me, it’s all about preparing my skin and makeup. Precious preparation time can get you in the mood emotionally as well as physically. A magical moment to enjoy. That’s the part I really take my time over. I have usually organised my outfit in advance, so I don’t have to waste time stressing about what to wear. I want to be at my most attractive, and using my all-time favourite treats works wonders – a salt polish in the shower, luxurious scented moisturiser and a BB (Beauty Balm) are the perfect canvas to get ready to work my magic.”

Caroline, writer, Los Angeles, USA:

“My ritual is always the same. I shower because it’s an instant reboot and makes me feel ready for love. I use oil on my legs because there’s nothing sexier than smooth skin. I spritz myself with my favourite perfume before applying my signature makeup look – heavy black liquid liner. There’s something about sultry 1960s eyes that makes it easier to maintain eye contact. I always wear clothes to accentuate and flatter my curves – I am long past caring about being super-skinny. I’ve realised men love a woman who is confident in her body.

Robyn, photographer, Singapore:

“I really have to get in the mood, unleash my magical, carefree side and to do it I need music! I have playlists for different moods, so to feel at my most attractive I listen to upbeat but seductive music. My beauty routine is all about the detail – perfect skin is a must, so especially in the humidity I find mineral makeup let’s my skin breathe but still looks great. Aside from skin, it’s my eyes and lips that will be the essential ingredient in charming my date. Simple but colourful always works. A feline flick of eyeliner always makes me feel attractive and ready to be on-show.”

Shellie, head of PR, London, UK:

“If it’s a special night, I’ll allow an hour and a half and spoil myself with a face pack before my date to rejuvenate my skin. I’ll also paint my nails and spend ages picking out jewellery, shoes and a bag. I’ll take a while drying my hair and styling it for extra oomph. I’m an eye-shadow addict so I always create a strong makeup look, then it’s just a last spray of perfume and I’m off.”

Huong Mai Dao, education director, Hanoi, Vietnam:

“Before I do anything, I make sure I have smooth and shiny skin – that means good waxing, a long bath or shower and body lotion. That’s because having all the small details looking just perfect makes me feel fabulous and glamorous. To feel my most beautiful I need beautiful eyes, shiny skin and a glamorous scent. To top it off, and feel seriously ready for a big date, I get my hair done, apply red lipstick and high-heels – a woman’s secret tricks revealed!”

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