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The big chill: 5 reasons why cold showers are good for you

The big chill: 5 reasons why cold showers are good for you

The idea of a cold shower might give you the shivers but cool waters will give you the needed boost for a happy and healthier life.


We’ll show you 5 advantages of cold showers that will inspire you and after a few sessions, might be your preferred choice of temperature.


  • Cold showers increase alertness

Cold showers makes your muscles tense up but wait, in this case it’s a good thing. Your breathing becomes deeper in an attempt to warm yourself up forcing your lungs to expand and your brain to be more alert for your busy day ahead.


  • Cold showers strengthen immunity and increase circulation

Studies show that five to seven minutes of swimming in 20°C water can prevent you from falling ill as it increases the number of virus-fighting white blood cells. Taking a cold shower regularly increases your blood circulation which helps to reduce the appearance of varicose veins.


  • Give skin and hair the cold shower

A great tip would be to wash your face with warm water to open up your pores and remove impurities and then splash cold water afterward to tighten up pores. Also, when you rinse your hair with cold water, you close the cuticles of the follicle making it shinier and sleeker.


  • Cold showers for an instant mood lift

Studies have shown that the brain gets electrical impulses every time it receives a mild shock. This “shock” of cold water causes the brain to tingle which increases happiness.


  • Cold showers help you sleep

It’s true that a warm bath aids a better sleep and lathering up with your favorite LUX body wash can also be soothing, but did you know that cold showers improves your quality of sleep. How? By triggering sleep signals to put you into a deeper state of sleep. Good idea: Take a cold shower an hour before bedtime for best effect.

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