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Can you keep a secret? Great, as we are about to reveal the inside scoop on how to get fresh, effortless beauty that’s a whole lot easier than it looks.


The perfect eye

Smoky eye shadow makes for a sultry, eye-popping look. To create the perfect “smudge” draw a double coat of liner with liquid and pencil on the top of your lid and inside your lower lash line. Touch up any stray smears with a clean cotton swab and finish with dark, black mascara for the ultimate look.


Soft and sweet lips

If you suffer from extra dry lips smooth a little bit of pure honey on your lips. Your lips will feel softer and it works better than regular balms, as well as creating tastier and sweeter smelling lips.


The right hue

When testing a new lipstick shade, rub a little of the color on the pad of your fingertip. It’s more accurate than testing on the back of your hand since the skin on your fingertip is closest to your natural lip tone. You can also hold your finger up to your mouth easily to see if the color really suits you.


For the perfect brow

Smooth disorderly eyebrows with a clean toothbrush or mascara wand.  Comb in diagonal, upward strokes following the natural direction of hair growth. Follow up with just a touch of lip gloss to keep them in place all day.

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