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Incredible fragrance facts you need to know

Incredible fragrance facts you need to know

You wear your favourite fragrance on a daily basis. But, did you know that you don’t actually smell with your nose? This article will tell you all the most important things about smells.

  1. Women have a stronger sense of smell than men – the female brain has up to 50% more smelling sensors. So if your man says he can’t smell your new perfume, it’s not his fault!
  2. Some smells make us happy. The sweet scent of vanilla is a happy fragrance and could put you in a good mood, so for a vanilla start to your day use LUX Velvet Touch soap.
  3. Everyone has their own unique smell-print, just like thumbprints. Our smelling abilities are different to one another.
  4. There is one scent that smells the same to everyone, it’s called Citralya – a citrus smell used in perfume.
  5. You actually smell with your brain, not your nose. Your nose finds the scent, but it’s your brain that identifies it.
  6. The word perfume comes from the Latin ‘per fume’, which means ‘through smoke’. This is because the early scents were incense-based (incense is fragrant smoke).
  7. 10,000 – the number of different odours we can identify or tell apart.
  8. The perfume Chanel No. 5, was made to smell like soap and freshly washed skin as Coco Chanel’s mother was a laundry woman. This smell of clean soap was something she had grown up with. For a scent like this, try LUX Soft Touch.
  9. Your sense of smell gets bored quickly! “After two breaths, your nose sort of switches off,” says Pamela Dalton, a psychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center.
  10. Fragrances remind us of memories. Your ‘scent memories’ are made in the first ten years of your life.
  11. You can actually smell fear: experiments have shown that through chemical signals in your sweat, you can sense emotions. If it’s a loved one, you can even smell happiness!
  12. The same perfume can smell different on other people. Some fragrances are stronger than others because of your genes or what you eat.
  13. You can only test three scents at a time. After that, your senses won’t be able to pick up different fragrances. Smell coffee beans if you want to clear your smelling senses.
  14. Spraying perfume on your hair holds it better and makes it last longer. Your scalp is naturally oily so it’s a great place for perfume – your fragrance also lasts longer because it’s always in motion.
  15. Perfumes created by celebrities, as well as cheaper scents, smell sweeter than others. This is because they are made for younger people who have smaller budgets and a less-developed sense of smell.
  16. Certain hotels have developed their own scent that their guests can find comfort in. For example, Sheraton Hotels always smell like fig, clove and jasmine and Westin hotels smell like white tea.
  17. Perfumers are called ‘Noses’ – they have to identify at least 250 scents for their first test! They have to be very skilled to tell the difference between so many scents so there are only fifty of them in the world.
  18. Men’s skin is more acidic than a women’s skin. PH levels on the skin causes scents to smell differently from person to person, which is why colognes are suited for the acidity on men’s skin.
  19. Remember that your sense of smell is like a muscle – the more you sniff, the stronger and better it gets!

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