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How to take a good selfie

How to take a good selfie

The world is going crazy about selfies, but what are selfies exactly? A selfie is a photograph that you take of yourself, usually with your mobile phone, and share with friends on social media.

As every social media fan knows, a stylish gallery of selfies is essential in promoting your personal brand! Take inspiration from well-known reality TV star Kim Kardashian (who is releasing her own US$20 book of selfies) and become a selfie pro:

  1. Know how to angle every shot

You are the photographer, so you direct the shoot! The best angle to take a selfie is to look up and snap high. Tilt your head to the side and stick your neck out to give an instant lift. Want to get more of yourself in the photo? Then bring that shoulder forward a little.

  1. Be carefree

Newsflash: selfies are not meant to be serious, they are all about fun! Serious selfies don’t often work. Show your carefree side by doing something fabulous – laughing out loud, blowing a kiss – in front of a beautiful background.

  1. It’s all about background

‘Super selfies’ are ones where the person is doing something interesting like  traveling the world, visiting  a beautiful art gallery or attending a glamorous event.  To make the most of your selfies, choose your location wisely. A colourful, bright or eye-catching background is an interesting way to freshen up the mood and lighten the shot.

  1. Use ‘good’ light

To flatter your features you need good light, not a bright flash. Look for soft and subtle morning light or evening light at dusk for a gentler focus in your selfie.

According to Kim Kardashian (in a recent Mail Online interview), a quick and easy way to find good light is by sitting at a window or switching to black and white to reduce shadows.

  1. Filter it

Have you experienced the magic of Instagram? With it you can transform any normal picture into an absolutely beautiful image. Dark shots can be lightened with filters like Amaro, or made retro with the Nashville filter, cute frames can be added and things in the background can be blurred out.

Download Instagram and play around to make every selfie one to remember.

Wow. Too easy. Next step? Start practicing your snapping skills for your next close up.

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