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A nice outfit isn’t the only thing you need to look good, you need to feel confident about yourself too. But we know it’s not easy. We all know the feeling of finding the perfect dress, and then allowing the little voice to talk us out of it. But don’t worry, we have some great tricks to help you dress for confidence.

Trends vs Classic

Fashion trends are great if you’re looking to change your style, but do you buy the skirt that’s all the rage, even if it doesn’t suit you? If the trend isn’t quite right for you, go with a classic look instead that suits your body type and makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t sweat it

Before you even get dressed in your outfit of the day, make sure you apply an antiperspirant that you can rely on to ensure your self-esteem doesn’t stray. Try a deodorant that prevents sweating and moisturises your skin at the same time.

Dress for success

Psychologists have done research on human emotions and reactions, and they found that what we wear directly impacts how we feel. Try dressing like your favourite celeb or the boss of a business to channel the confidence they embody.

Comfort means Confidence

Ignore the label. Don’t stick to one size of clothing only. Different brands use different sizing. So instead of always choosing a medium, select the size that looks best and feels the most comfortable.

Have a handy LBD that suits your body

There’s also that Little Black Dress, which is always a good outfit to have in your cupboard. You can wear this dress to almost any event, whether you have a dinner date or even sunset drinks with your girlfriends. But don’t forget that you don’t want to mess deodorant on dark coloured material like your dress. So if you want to feel confident in your black dress use a deodorant that doesn’t leave white marks behind.

Everyone is unique, and we should love ourselves for what makes us stand out. We all have certain things about ourselves we want to change, but try out these tips to help boost your ego. And once you accept and love your body, you will be more confident and your beauty will shine.

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