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Fragrance Basics: 6 Ways To Prepare Your Skin

Fragrance Basics: 6 Ways To Prepare Your Skin

To smell great, you need to make sure your skin is ready to do so. That means using a good beauty bar and moisturiser, which match your fragrance for the day, before applying perfume.

Here are 5 non-greasy LUX options you can use that will help you smell beautiful and feel confident from the moment you leave the house until you come home.

It Starts in the Shower

The shower is where your layering starts. So when you pick a shower gel or beauty bar, look for something that complements your favourite perfume.

Be Patient

You need your skin to absorb the moisture from your beauty bar, before you rinse it off it the bath or shower, to really give your skin the care it needs. To get the best out of your skin, use LUX Sheer Twilight. Lather it into your skin for a soft, velvety feeling and floral fragrance.

A Light Base Layer

To make sure your base layer doesn’t dominate your perfume, use a lotion with a light fragrance that gives your skin a fresh and inviting scent. LUX Soft Caress’s subtle aroma of Delicate White Flowers is perfect.

Stick to One Family

Smell your moisturiser and soap before you use them to make sure they match your perfume. As an example: wash with LUX Velvet Touch, moisturise with LUX Soft Caress and then add your perfume.

Don’t Rub it In

Your perfume doesn’t need to be rubbed into your skin – only your moisturiser does. You rub moisturiser in to make sure it goes deep into your pores. Perfume needs to stay on the surface to last all day and keep your skin smelling amazing.