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A fragrance for every women

A fragrance for every women

Every woman has her favourite fragrance. One that she feels ignites the spark within her to feel more confident, more energetic and inspired. And just like every woman has a scent that speaks to her, every scent is said to complement a certain part of her personality.

Which scent matches your personality?

Rose – For the well-balanced woman that loves everything elegant and precious.

Peach – Is for lively, cheerful and vivacious women who can be rather dreamy.

Jasmine – For dynamic women who love a sense of security and surround themselves with things they consider valuable.

Plum –  Only for strong, harmonious women who are rarely unhappy and love things of quality.

Musk – For a woman that loves peace and quiet, is shy and keeps to herself.

Lily – The scent of a woman who likes to dress if she’s going out or going to work, and has a certain air about her personality.

The new Lux Classic Collection of Beauty Soaps was designed with every woman in mind, and our wide range of scents will make it easy to find a fragrance that suits you. Infused with delicate floral notes and softening SilkEssence™, every Beauty Soap in our collection moisturises and scents in a way that will ignite the spark within you.

Choose your favourite from our range in-store and share the scent you think matches you best with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LUXMauritius

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