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8 signs you’ve found your signature fragrance

8 signs you’ve found your signature fragrance

8 signs you’ve found your signature fragrance

In our fragrance-obsessed world, the ‘holy grail’ for perfume lovers is a signature fragrance – the scent that is undeniably you.

Here are 8 signs that say you’ve found your signature perfume:

1. Love at First Whiff

If at first spritz you like a perfume, it’s got to go on your shortlist of favourite perfumes. That said, just because a fragrance doesn’t appeal to your senses immediately doesn’t mean you should discount its potential.

2. The 4 hour Test

The true test of a fine perfume is how it evolves over time. After four hours, the lighter top notes should have worn off and what remains are the understated base notes, the foundation of your perfume. If you still love how it smells after that, it’s a great sign.

3. Positivity Peaks

Does the perfume make you feel truly happy or confident every time you wear it? This is one of the most important signs that you’ve found The One. For example, many women find the scent of LUX Sheer Twilight wonderfully empowering. You don’t need a rational reason for how it makes you feel. Embrace it.

4. Random Compliments

Who doesn’t like compliments? Random people commenting on how good you smell may seem strange, but sometimes it’s quite sweet. And when they happen, it normally means one thing: that particular perfume sits well on your skin.

5. Month on Month

You probably have a few fragrances and perfumed body washes that you’ve purchased over the years. If you find yourself reaching for the same one every morning, you know you’ve found a winner.

6. Year on Year

Think about your favourite song, the one you still listen to a decade after it was first released. It’s the same with a signature perfume. Even after years have passed, if its beauty remains you know that you’ve got a great perfume.

7. Loved Ones Love it too

Your identity is often directly linked to how you smell, because smell is strongly linked to memory. When people smell your perfume, they remember you. So when your loved ones keep asking you about that wonderful scent you wear, you know it’s a great perfume.

8. You can’t imagine life without it

You wore it to your first job interview and to your big sister’s wedding. Maybe one day, you’ll even wear it to your own. That’s the beauty of a signature perfume. It grows and evolves with you, and you can’t live without it because it’s the finishing touch to your fabulous life.

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