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6 tips for the best shower experience

6 tips for the best shower experience

Try these simple tips from Lux to make your everyday shower feel like an indulgent spa experience.

  1. Refresh your shower curtain: Buy a new shower curtain in colors or patterns that make you feel calm. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to lift your mood. A good idea, would be, to try earthy, natural colors for a relaxing effect or bright colors for an energized and refreshed feeling.
  2. Put some music on: When you hear your favourite songs, it will be easier to unwind and relax.
  3. Enjoy beautiful fragrances: Use products with light, uplifting and natural fragrances that soothe you – just like Lux.
  4. Warm the room up. Let your shower run for a while to warm the bathroom up by creating steam, before stepping inside for a comforting and cosy environment.
  5. Foam up with Lux. Squeeze a few drops of LUX Body Wash onto your loofah and massage your body with its rich lather. A little goes a long way.
  6. Take a moment to enjoy your “me-time”: First, close your eyes. Second, breathe deeply to really enjoy the moment. Third, enjoy the feeling of being refreshed, beautiful and prepared for anything.

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