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5 signs that you are in a great relationship

5 signs that you are in a great relationship

1. You don’t wait for special occasions to do nice things for each other.

Getting flowers on Valentine’s Day is romantic but it’s great when you receive gifts when you least expect it. A little treat is when he notices you’ve run out of your favourite LUX body wash and picks it up at the store without having to ask you.

2. If you don’t look your best, it’s OK

If he thinks you look just as beautiful with your grey sweat pants on and no make-up as you do in that skin tight little dress you have, he’s definitely a keeper.

3. You tell each other EVERYTHING!

Saw something funny today? Tried something new for lunch? Heard some gossip on a friend? You immediately call him up or message him. The list goes on and it includes every tiny detail of your day whether it’s important or not.

4. You know how to make each other feel better

If you carry special emergency snacks to feed him when he gets hungry; hold his hand to comfort him when he’s stressed and more, it shows how in-sync you are with each other.

5. You can identify each other with all five senses

If blindfolded, you could easily pick him out based on his kiss, laugh and his smell and he could too. Even when you try to fool him by using LUX Sheer Twilight body wash, the way its perfume sits on your skin gives you a unique scent that is unmistakably you.