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5 DIY Beauty Hacks

5 DIY Beauty Hacks

You may not know this, but you have a few ingredients in your pantry with rather special abilities. In fact, you can use them to cook with, season your food and clean your home! But, these ingredients can sometimes be clever, purse-friendly beauty solutions too.

So, when you must, forget about the expensive product aisle and try these quick kitchen beauty tricks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you don’t own a bottle of apple cider vinegar, we recommend that you buy some at your nearest store. It has incredible dietary and detox benefits, and it’s a purifying agent too. It works well as a toner on your skin after cleansing, and before moisturizing, and clears blemishes if you have acne.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil receives a lot of the attention it deserves for its amazing natural properties, health benefits and general versatility. Instead of using a makeup remover the next time you have to clean your face, soak a cotton swab or tissue with coconut oil to remove makeup and condition your eyelashes at the same time!

Cold green tea bags

If you suffer from puffy eyes, this smart beauty trick is for you: wet two green tea teabags, let them cool and then place them under (or over) your eye area for five minutes. The anti-irritant properties in the tea will help soothe tired eyes and take away the puffiness, keeping your eyes wide open and refreshed all day long.

Body wash and raw brown sugar

If you run out of body scrub and need an exfoliation, simply take your favourite body wash and mix in some raw brown sugar for a good all-over-body scrub. If the sugar particles are too coarse and too rough on your skin, add some coconut oil or honey to melt the sugar naturally and soften the scrub. The natural acids in sugar also help moisturise your skin.

Lemon juice

Bright and vibrant nail colours are perfect for summer, but sometimes this leave nails slightly yellow and looking unhealthy.

The good news is that you can get your nails stain-free and healthy again by soaking them in a lemon juice bath. Fill a bowl with lemon juice and allow your stained nails to soak in it for 10 minutes. Then gently buff your nails with a toothbrush and watch the stains slowly fade! You may need to repeat the process two times a day, depending on how long the stains have been there.

What are some of your home beauty tricks?

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