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The definitive guide to picking your first date perfume

The definitive guide to picking your first date perfume

The fragrance you wear embodies who you are, both to you and the people you meet. Here’s how to pick the right perfume to say the right messages to the (hopefully) Mr. Right.

The way you smell is a huge part of landing a great impression – whether it’s at work, nights out with the girls, or dates. Especially first dates. Other than your dream job interview, there’s possibly no other occasion in life more important to nail the perfect fragrance than when you’re meeting a special someone for the first time.

While you want the perfume to express your personality, a first date is unnerving enough that the only thing he will pick up on is… how it smells. Beyond stating the obvious, this means that for you to smell just right, it is more important to pick something based on where you’re going, what you’re doing and the time of the day it is rather than how it smells in the bottle.

For instance, your patchouli incense that usually says sensual will be interpreted as cloying and overdressed if it’s a day date. Here are the fragrance notes guaranteed to say the right things and land you a second date.

Outdoors in the day

Fragrance notes: White florals, mossy greens

Fragrance type: Eau de Toilette

Try:  LUX Soft Touch

A picnic by the beach, scenic hiking, or even couple cycling make for a special, lighthearted first date, so go with a fragrance that’s clean and feminine. White florals are well suited for day activities, and notes of greens like galbanum adds a fresh sharpness and depth to your scent.

Outdoors at night

Fragrance notes: Oriental, amber, tuberose

Fragrance type: Eau de Parfum

Here is when you get to let your hair down – with your fragrance, that is! Open spaces and a night setting means you can go all out, with heavier notes of mysterious oriental florals like orange flowers and gardenia. A touch of amber and tuberose will warm the scent up and add complexity to an otherwise sensual fragrance.


Indoors in the day

Fragrance notes: Citrus, Water

Fragrance type: Eau de Cologne

Try: LUX Velvet Touch 

For champagne brunches, coffee dates at hipster cafes, or early activities in closed spaces, a spritz of sparkling citrus scents with notes like bergamot and lemon would bring out a fresh-faced glow. Being indoors means that perfumes get amplified, so anything rich or cloying will be too much.

Indoors at night

Fragrance notes: Sandalwood, vanilla

Fragrance type: Eau de Cologne

When the sun goes down, it’s time to play… but if you’re heading to somewhere with central air – think a cinema, restaurant, or bar – you still have to keep yourself in check for all the whispers you’re going to be leaning in close a lot for. Flirt with a dressy scent filled with sandalwood and vanilla, but wear it in a light concentration so it doesn’t get to overwhelming.

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