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Experience the alluring world of french roses

Experience the alluring world of french roses

A part of being feminine means taking care of our beauty and celebrating what makes us feel glamorous, sensual and lively.

Do you want to feel your best everyday? Discover the alluring world of French Roses, where each flower has been specially picked and its perfume extracted to bring you a scent made by world-class perfumers. With a beauty bar of such excellent quality, you can be confident that you’ll have irresistible skin.

It’s not always easy to find the right beauty bar, so we’ll make the experience simple, for you.


This is not like regular soap ­− harsh, antibacterial and not fragrance-focused. LUX Soft Touch has created a beauty bar of pure luxury made up of world-class perfumes. Part of our Classic Collection, LUX Soft Touch has delicate pink floral notes, the hypnotic fragrance of French Roses, hints of red fruit and a SilkEssence™ formula that leaves you with beautiful soft skin with a wonderful fragrance.

You’ll notice the bar by its soft pink packaging – It will be hard to not pick it up and get lost in its scent.


What could be more luxurious than scattering freshly picked rose petals around your bathroom, or even on your bed? Bathing in the perfume of French Roses, definitely is! Made up of essential oils and the heart note of French roses, LUX Soft Touch beauty bar will leave you with soft, glowing skin after every wash.

This becomes a fragrance that your loved ones will recognize you by.


LUX Soft Touch will also boost your confidence and bring out your feminine side, leaving you feeling ready to ignite the spark in your relationship with beautiful, soft and fragranced skin!

Created by the world’s best perfume experts, we know that irresistible skin is the first step to being comfortable in yourself, so why not bathe with LUX Soft Touch Beauty Bar, starting today?

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